Cornell University

March 2020 Construction Update

Aerial view of NCRE construction progress

Site I (near the intersection of Triphammer Rd. and Jessup Rd.):

  • Major earthwork, foundation excavation, and underground utility work will continue for the next month, with dump trucks continuing to haul debris away from Site I.
  • Concrete foundation work will continue on Buildings 1 and 2 over the next month, with concrete being delivered on scheduled pour dates.
  • Structural steel and precast floor plank erection at Buildings 1 and 2 will continue for the next few months, with increased deliveries of steel and plank making their way to North Campus. The fenced-in area on Site II will be used for staging of trailers that contain steel and plank.
  • Precast wall façade panels are being installed on Building 2 for the next month.
  • Roofing work and building interior work will begin in Building 2 (nearest RPCC).
  • Akwe:kon driveway and parking closed March 1 for a two-month improvement project.
  • Jessup Road speed limit is reduced to 25 miles per hour to enhance pedestrian safety.

Site II (north of Appel Commons):

  • Earthwork and topsoil removal will continue, with dump trucks continuing to haul debris away from Site II.
  • Foundation excavation and the pouring of concrete foundations on Building 4 will continue for the next month.
  • Concrete foundation work on Buildings 3 and 5 will continue throughout the spring.
  • Structural steel erection on Building 4 will begin in April.

Remember: Detour signage, barriers, and flaggers are in place for pedestrian safety and traffic control. Please use caution and follow all instructions when traveling through the work zone.