Cornell University

The North Campus Residential Expansion

The first two years of the educational experience on campus are foundational to students' academic success, personal development, and the ability to build a cohesive community. The North Campus Residential Expansion (NCRE) project, supported by Student & Campus Life will enable Cornell University to provide more intentional and consistent support during the most formative years of the student experience. Students choose to come to Cornell for its academic reputation and for what they will experience inside of the classroom, but they also choose Cornell because it is a residential campus where they will meet new people from all over the world. The residential experience is fundamental to the success of the overall student experience. With this in mind, NCRE will provide students with the solid foundation to thrive inside and outside of the classroom.

Upon completion, the NCRE will give Cornell the ability to house 100% of its first-year students in developmentally appropriate campus housing and 100% of its sophomore students in campus residence halls, co-ops, and affiliated housing.     

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Aerial view of Cornell's North Campus

With the addition of approximately 2,000 new student beds, new dining facilities, recreation spaces, and program lounges on Cornell's North Campus, Student & Campus Life is primed to reshape the student residential experience at Cornell University. 

VP Ryan Lombardi talking with a group of students near Ho Plaza

View an interview with Vice President for Student & Campus Life Ryan Lombardi as he discusses a plan to address student housing needs on the Ithaca campus while advancing Cornell's academic initiatives.